Fairever fairness cream

Fairever Fairness cream offers consumers the unique and innovative '3 Way Fairness Therapy' solution. The new Fairever fairness cream scientifically extracts actives from nature to give a complete solution to all facial problems like skin darkening, blemishes, oiliness, dark circles & spots and protection from sun, dirt and pollution

The '3 Way Fairness Therapy' works in three ways

  • Step 1: Masks - instantly masks all blemishes, spots and dark circles
  • Step 2: Lightens - penetrates 2 layers deep to lighten skin tone, reduces pigmentation and spots
  • Step 3: Protects - the fairness against sun, dust and pollution

Fairever fairness cream is one of the most trusted fairness creams brand in the country. The unique combination of using science to extract actives from nature has helped millions of women wanting to look fair and beautiful